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At the office of Dr. Ronald W. Howland, our mission is simple: help our patients achieve smiles they feel great about through convenient, comprehensive dental care. As a leading dental practice serving the Ponte Vedra Beach, FL area, we're proud to offer a wide range of treatments ranging from routine dental cleanings to complex restorations and dental implants. But if you're looking for a simple, convenient way to improve the appearance of your smile, composite bonding is a powerful solution.

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding, also called dental bonding, is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves applying a thin coating of tooth-colored dental resin to the front of each tooth. The resin is then custom shaped and polished to perfectly resemble a natural tooth, providing a brand new appearance and fixing a wide range of cosmetic dental problems. Composite bonding is a remarkably convenient procedure, and we can usually complete the process in a single afternoon. While bonding can't fix major dental problems, it can repair minor cosmetic issues and provide a brand new appearance to your smile.

Why Would I Want Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a great option for anyone that wants to dramatically improve the appearance of their smile without extensive dental work. We can use bonding to correct a variety of problems, including:

  • Minor chips and cracks in teeth
  • Gaps or spaces between the teeth
  • Stains or discoloration in the teeth
  • Misshapen or slightly crooked teeth

Benefits of Composite Bonding

We offer a variety of cosmetic dental treatments at our office, but dental bonding provides a range of unique advantages. Some of the benefits of composite bonding including:

  • Fast, convenient process that usually takes less than 60 minutes
  • Unlike dental veneers, we don't need to remove much of the original tooth
  • An inexpensive treatment solution
  • We can color-match and custom-shape the resin to perfectly match your natural teeth, creating a truly lifelike smile

While composite bonding comes with many advantages, there are also important drawbacks. Bonds aren't as durable or long-lasting as other treatments like veneers or crowns, so you'll need to get them repaired more frequently than some other methods. Composite bonds are also vulnerable to stains, so it's best to avoid things like coffee, tea, tobacco, and certain foods or candy.

Contact Your Ponte Vedra Beach Cosmetic Dentist

While composite bonding isn't right for everyone, for those looking for a simple way to achieve a beautiful new smile, bonding can offer a powerful, convenient solution. If you think you might benefit from composite bonding, we would be thrilled to speak with you. Contact us today to learn more about dental bonding and schedule a consultation at our Ponte Vedra Beach office. We look forward to hearing from you, and we're excited to help you achieve the smile of your dreams!

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