Steps To Finding The Right Dentist

Steps To Finding The Right Dentist
Posted on 02/15/2018

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Regular dental appointments, checkups, and treatments are critical to maintaining a beautiful, healthy smile – but the first step to achieving that smile is finding a dentist you trust and feel comfortable with. Whether you're just moving to Ponte Vedra Beach, want to switch dental providers, or are searching for a dentist for the first time, it's important to take the time to find one that's a great fit. At the office of Dr. Ronald W. Howland, we strive to be a comprehensive resource for dental care to everyone in the Ponte Vedra Beach community, so here are our tips on finding the right dentist.

Where To Look For A Dentist

If you're starting the search for the first time, there are a number of methods you can use to find a great dentist. The first and easiest way is to simply search for a dentist in your town using a search engine like Google – searching for "dentist in Ponte Vedra Beach" or "best dentist in Ponte Vedra Beach" can turn up useful results. Browse the websites of the dentists you find, and get a feel for how their practice philosophy lines up with what you're looking for in a dentist.

Beyond Google, you can also reach out to a number of organizations for recommendations. Your current physician, your dental insurance provider, your state's dental association, or your local dental school are all great resources for finding a dentist recommendation.

How To Choose The Right Dentist

Beyond finding candidates, you'll need to find the dentist that's the best possible fit for you. There are a number of factors to keep in mind when evaluating a dentist:

  • Professional Certifications: Beyond simply completing dental school, you'll want to choose a dentist will relevant professional qualifications. Certification by the American Board of Dental Specialties and your state licensing board is important, as are any certificates in specific dental techniques like teeth whitening.
  • Emergency Call: You should be able to count on your dentist in any situation. Learn more about their emergency care policies so you know how your dentist will handle a dental emergency.
  • Financial Policy: Understanding how you pay for treatment is critical. Ask questions about their financial policy, what insurance they accept, and if they offer any financing options.
  • Your Personal Comfort: Perhaps most importantly, you should feel comfortable and cared for by your dentist. Make sure that the overall feel of the office and the dentist match with your personal preferences – this is someone you're entrusting your smile to, so it's important you trust them and feel comfortable in the office.

Schedule a Consultation With Your Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Of course, if you are looking for a dentist in Ponte Vedra Beach, Dr. Ronald Howland would be honored to offer his services. Feel free to call us at (904) 273-0700 to learn more about our office or schedule a consultation with us online. We hope to hear from you, and we wish you luck in finding the perfect dentist for you!

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